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May 16, 2008: Wow!! Great job Brand.  And very fast as well. Obviously no need for any emails to me anymore. Thanks again to everybody. Bill McCarthy

May 16, 2008: Bill and all, Thanks and please check the Wiki at  because I think I have a presentation from all the morning speakers posted there along with some papers for a few of them as well. Please send me anything else that you would like posted.

We can even open up Wiki pages for each participate to write their thoughts and post their files if you would like and then everyone can post comments at the bottom of anyone's pages as well. Brand

May 16, 2008: Hi everybody: I trust everybody is safely home.  I have heard from quite a few of you, but I wanted to send a general message of thanks to everyone who helped make the workshop run so well.  I think we did an extraordinary job listening to a variety of contrasting ideas and opinions concerning accounting interoperability.

Brand Niemann has started to set a wiki for the conference, and Roger has passed on materials.  However, I wanted to make sure that I received the materials as well.  I have my own speech plus David vun Kannon"s, but I do not have copies of the rest of the Monday morning speakers.  I also do not have copies of any of the team reports from Tuesday morning.  If people could email those to me, that would be great.

As for team and individual position papers, I think we should encourage those.  I will be in contact with Roger about what format they should take, and we can broadcast information about what publication form they might take.  As a first try, I will write my own position paper on the proceedings next week, so people might have an example. Thanks again for all the help and cooperation. Bill McCarthy

May 14, 2008: Hi Brand: Thank you ever so much for taking on the wiki job.  Your wiki construction system was wonderful to watch. The wiki will be a very welcome addition to our materials.  It was a great idea.

As for the materials, I was hoping that EPA could use them.  They were very effective as instruments of human interoperability.  If you see no such need, they certainly can be recyled back to the hotel. I am sorry we left without being clear on the materials.  I thought you would take only what you wanted and leave the rest to the hotel. Thanks again for the wiki help. Bill McCarthy 

May 14, 2008: Brand, Thank you indeed for all your work and participation in the workshop. We really appreciate it .. if you can find a use for the materials, please do so .. otherwise you’ll need to recycle them. Thanks! Roger

May 13, 2008: Created the NSF Accounting Ontology Web 2.0 Wiki and Populated It With the Workshop Content

May 12, 2008: Brand. It was also a pleasure to meet and interact with you .. your contribution today was significant. Thank you indeed for the email .. I will consult with Bill and get back to you soon, Roger

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