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Position Statements (PowerPoint)

Non-attendee: Adrian Walker

Reengineering Email 
Arofan Gregory IMF & SDMX Email 
Arun Majumdar Vivomind Email 
Bill McCarthy MSU & ISO Email 
Brand Niemann and Mills Davis US EPA and Project10x, respectively Email & Email 
Carsten Felden IFRS Email 
Cheryl Dunn Grand Valley State University Email 
Christian Huemer UN-CEFACT & Vienna University of Technology Email 
David vun Kannon XBRL & PWC Email 
Eric E. Cohen XBRL & PWC Email 
Frank Olken  NSF Email 
Fred van Blommestein UN-CEFACT Email 
Frederik Gailly University of Ghent Email 
Gianluca Garbellotto XBRL Email 
Graham Gal University of Massachusetts Email 
Guido Geerts University of Delaware Email 
Jeff Naumann SEC Email 
Jesper Kiehn Microsoft Email 
John Sowa Vivomind & ONTOLOG Email 
Julie Smith David Arizona State University Email 
Leo Obrst  Mitre & ONTOLOG Email 
Maciej Piechocki IFRS Email 
Pavel Hruby REATechnology Email 
Peter R. Gillett Rutgers University Email 
Philipp Liegl UN-CEFACT & Vienna University of Technology Email 
Rene Piche IMF & SDMX Email 
Roger Debreceny University of Hawaii Email 
Skip White University of Delaware Email 
Tom Saleh FASB codification project Email 
Tracey Sutherland American Accounting Association Email 

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